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Behavioral Assistance (BA) Service Description

Providing support to children, adolescents, young adults and families.


Behavioral Assistance (BA)

Behavioral Assistance is comprised of specific, outcome-oriented interventions that are components of an approved, written, detailed plan of care prepared by a licensed clinical behavioral healthcare practitioner. Behavioral Assistance providers address specific target behaviors.

Behavioral Assistance services help the family and youth to develop and practice healthy and positive coping strategies and techniques. The intervention focuses on addressing target behaviors and improving overall emotional, behavioral regulation abilities. Youth who respond positively to Behavioral Assistance Services should exhibit sustainable positive behavioral changes that reflect improved daily functioning, enhance the quality of life and strengthen skills in a variety of life domains including but not limited to:

  1. Physical and emotional well-being
  2. Interpersonal communications and relationships
  3. Socialization behaviors and activities
  4. Behavioral conduct
  5. Healthy coping strategies and behaviors

Behavioral Assistance services are face-to-face interventions provided individually that will provide the necessary support to the youth to attain the goals of the service plan and/or the Plan of Care. In order to have sustainable treatment gains, the Behavioral Assistant should be modeling effective coping strategies and techniques to the caregivers. Behavioral Assistance services are delivered as part of a comprehensive treatment plan and do not include mentoring, tutoring, companionship, or other similar services. Only youth receiving care management or MRSS, services are eligible for Behavioral Assistance. Behavioral Assistance services are short term services and have projected time frames of 3 months, mirrored from Intensive In-Community Services.

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